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ARIN List Partent

lists the parent network of a given network.

Atlassian Create workflow scheme draft from parent

Create a draft for the passed scheme. The draft will be a copy of the state of the parent.

moltin Delete Parent Brand Relationship

Delete parent brand relationship.

moltin Create Parent Brand Relationship

Create parent brand relationship.

moltin Update Parent Brand Relationship

Update parent brand relationship.

moltin Create Parent Category Relationship

Using this endpoint you can create a relationship between a category and a parent category. When returning the category tree, you will see this relationship in place.

moltin Delete Parent Category Parent

Delete parent category parent.

moltin Update Parent Category Parent

Update parent category parent.

moltin Delete Parent Collection Relationship

Delete parent collection relationship.

moltin Create Parent Collection Relationship

Create parent collection relationship.

moltin Update Parent Collection Relationship

Update parent collection relationship.

Shopify Get a single article by its ID and the ID of the parent blog

Get a single article by its id and the id of the parent blog.

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